Why VoMor™?

It starts with our tagline, Volume and More, because VoMor™ offers so much more than volume, thickness, color or length. VoMor™ provides a sense of confidence that comes from realizing your own beauty and discovering the MOR that lies within.

VoMor™ is different because we offer a beautiful range of 30+ colors that match up to the Aveda color wheel. Our hair is of the highest quality, and the quality is consistently maintained, which sets us apart from our competition. Most importantly we stand behind our products and you have the highest quality professionals behind them too–the Aveda Service Providers, who can transform and bring out your natural beauty.


Hair Extensions Today

Approximately 30 Million women (25% of all women) in North America experience thinning or fine hair, resulting from diet, heredity, medication, health issues, or simply the aging process.

These women are turning to hair extensions as an excellent alternative to provide more fullness and volume, but this group of women are not the only reason that the hair extension market continues to rapidly grow. Hair extensions have also become a fashion trend and much more mainstream than ten years ago.

Hair extensions are now appealing to all ages, as women play with different looks, just because they can–choosing to add color, volume or length–for special occasions or just to make a simple change.

Pricing by Consultation


Why is VoMor™ Right for Me?

At VoMor™, we hold our hair extensions to a higher standard: one that makes you feel beautiful, inside and out. Adding volume, thickness or color is only part of it–what’s important is what it reawakens in you: a sense of your own power, confidence and beauty.

By creating a new hair extension experience that’s personalized for you, you can feel good about choosing VoMor. Here’s how:

Volume, Thickness, Color

Whether you have thinning hair, or if you’re just looking for a change, VoMor™ is flexible enough to add as much or as little as it takes to give you the hair you want–and that intangible feeling that comes with it.

A Seamless Look

Our extensions are perfectly color-matched and expertly blended with your own hair, so they don’t call attention to themselves–just to you.

Highest Quality, Every Time

We spent two years finding the best resources, because it means you get the highest quality real hair, visit after visit.

Easy to Care for

Wash, style and wear as you would your own hair. It does take a little more care, but it’s worth it!

Immediate Gratification

VoMor™ extensions are kept in-salon, so there’s no waiting while they’ve ordered. You can walk in looking for a change and walk out feeling transformed.

The Experience

VoMor™ is available exclusively at Aveda salons, because they offer more than a service: from consultation to follow-up, it’s a personalized experience that brings out every guest’s inner beauty.